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6 business planners for 2019

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Whilst in the digital age most of us keep some kind of digital/online calendar - having a dedicated analogue planner or diary for your business will help you separate your commitments and see more than just scheduled appointments. The new breed of planner is so much more than that; offering everything in one place - from inspirational business tips, to financial planners, goal setting tools and more. Here are our favourites for the coming year:

The Weekly Hello Time Planner from Scandi Lifestyle boutique, Southwood Stores is my kind of planner. Designed to help relieve overwhelm, it doesn’t tell you how to organise your time, it just gives you space and the tools to manage it better. With 6 dedicated sections in one book for goal setting, diary, to-do pad, notebook, project planner and sketch pad.

The Business Planner from Daily Greatness is one of the most popular business planners out there and rightly so. It offers a unique combination of a dated yearly planner, finance and budget worksheets, goal, action and appointment planners to keep you firmly on track, while the 90-Day high-level check-ins and challenges keep you committed, accountable and motivated to achieve your goals.

natalie macneil the conquer kit

If you are more of a visual thinker - the Conquer Kit by Natalie MacNeil is a journal/planner hybrid. Ideal for those in their first year of business, it invites the reader to sketch, doodle and write - to create business plans, a finanical structure, marketing strategy and more - it encourages you to think about the bigger business picture and helps you break down your dreams into actionable goals.

The Smythson Soho Diary is a luxe buy at £195 - granted, but the 109 year old planner has thought of everything and is such a joy to use that at 5p a day, you can't argue with that. Laid out with a week-to-view on the left and a to-do-list on the right, with a handy monthly calendar in the footer - you can see you workload and schedule at a glance. Bigger than a pocket diary, so giving you room to write, but smaller and more lightweight than a desk diary, so perfect for busy travellers.

More of a 'to-do list' than a planner, the Weekly Action Pad from Best Self Co. helps you prioritise your tasks and schedule your week in more detail than a diary or calendar. Great to keep on your desk as a constant visual reminder to keep you on track. Best Self Co. Weekly action plan - here are the details on the US site, available to buy in the UK via Amazon.

From Emily Ley, the author of 'The Simplified Life', The Simplified Planner is a tool to help you 'simplify and reduce overwhelm'. By stripping back your responsibilities and using Emily's strategies and systems to organise your priorities, you can 'find and create the white space' in your days to make time for the people that matter. It includes breakdowns from a 'yearly bucket list' to monthly overviews, future planning and weekly goal lists. £24 via Amazon

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