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Working with an open mind and a welcoming heart.

That's the goal.

Nurturing an open mind and a welcoming heart creates a multitude of positive outcomes: happier spaces, deeper relationships, more fulfilling work. We are always learning – about ourselves, about others and about what we can create together. 
My own work is about translating the deliberate intention of the open mind and welcoming heart into concrete, organised actions that enable you to lead better, while you live and labour joyfully, and model to others how to do the same. 
I coach leaders to use their voice and claim their place, whilst supporting organisations to establish cultures of belonging. 


I've had the pleasure of receiving coaching from Jessica for a number of years. I found our sessions immensely helpful, with Jessica challenging some of my thought processes and perceptions in the most gracious and enlightening way. I continue to work with her to successfully navigate periods of change and growth in my career with confidence. I would not hesitate in recommending Jessica to anyone.


Kirsten Robi – Financial Services 

It takes a village.

With over 25 years of corporate, entrepreneurial and coaching experience, I come with skills, tools, and experience to help people thrive at work and lead in life. Self-awareness is fundamental to choosing and claiming our place. I love working with conscientious leaders to develop their career choices, confidence and leadership capabilities.   
In recent years my passion has deepened, and my fires have been stoked. I am now working on accreditation as a Master Certified Coach (MCC).  As most of us have, I’ve worked, lived in and had to navigate such a wide variety of spaces, from  corporate, academic, tech start-up, to volunteer groups, youth teams, even our own health system. We are challenged, shaped and fulfilled by our ‘villages’  -- and the beautiful variety of people that make them up -- and I am committed to strengthening the authenticity, accountability, and inclusivity of every village I find myself in. 

Transforming intention into action.

We can each nurture more inclusive, more empowering, more collaborative villages in our own way – but it takes more than good intentions. Through a dedicated, committed development program that offers skills and tools for greater self-awareness, heightened EQ and fortified confidence, we will identify practices and activities that will help you, and others, find your place and fulfill your potential. 
Do you have any questions about executive coaching, personal career planning, leadership development, or team building and training? Let’s begin with a conversation about your most immediate needs. 

“Jess has an incredible ability to challenge your beliefs in a productive and meaningful way - a way that allows you to be the version of yourself that you want to be by taking practical steps towards your goals - nothing airy fairy, just highly effective -  for those  who have high expectations of themselves and things they want to achieve personally and professionally.”


~ Catherine Warrilow, MD, Retail 

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Live joyfully an meaningfully, Jessica Rogers, UK
  • Master Coach Certification (MCC) through International Coach Federation (in progress) 

  • ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) 

  • Certified MBTI Practitioner 

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) – Coaches Training Institute 

  • CIM Marketing Diploma 

  • BA Economics, University of Leicester 

  • I value freedom: freedom of expression, and financial and physical freedom

  • I value love: unconditional love that adores who you are and sees all you can be

  • I value honesty and truth: being real, being open

  • I value connection: physical, spiritual and emotional

  • I believe in the power of coaching; I actively invest in my development to keep my coaching tools razor sharp

  • I am deeply committed to living life with hope and kindness, curiosity and a sense of wonder

  • I believe that there is good in the world, and always more good we can do. 

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