So you can do work that is both joyful and meaningful.

I work with women who hold themselves to a very high standard. They’re committed to doing work that’s meaningful. They’re determined to give their very best. And they’ve chosen to do work they love, on their own terms.


First of all – yay, you! You’ve decided to find a way you can fulfill your purpose, do what you love, and impact people in your own, wonderful way. I already know you have what it takes. Now, what can I do to help make this happen? 


I’m here to help you define your vision, set your direction and Never. Give. Up.


Whether you’re taking that huge leap to start your own business (go for it!), or you’re already working but you’ve hit a block (hang in there!), I want you to know that I’m here for you. 


  • A steadfast reminder of your talent and truths

  • A safe space to process your fears

  • Reflection, challenge, discussion to unstick the stuck 

  • Energy and encouragement to keep you going

  • Strategy and action plans that bring results

"As a brand new business owner, setting up on my own after coming from a corporate world was daunting and lonely, but Jess encouraged me, gave me confidence in my abilities and shone a light on my strengths. Working with Jess gave me focus and a sounding board in the scary first 6 months of my business, keeping me accountable and thinking strategically. Jess has the perfect combination of strength and emotional support. With her to the point honesty when you need it and the ability to give you wings when you sometime forget how to fly!”

Pam McCrone, Retail Business, MAP stores


Can you really build a brand-new business around work you love, making an impact while making money? How do you dream up, nurture and hatch it? Who should you serve? Where do you start? You can do this and love the process; I’ll help you see how.

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Are you well into your business or career, but unclear on your future? Do you feel you’ve lost some of your fire and spark? Are you asking yourself, what can I change now that will make a grand difference? You don’t have to start over; I’ll help you see how.

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Do you need some quick clarity?   Are you one, well-guided, goal-driven discussion away from breaking through a block, reviving your vision and setting more solid intentions? My powerful process takes us there fast: we go deep, get clear and design decisive actions so you can get back to fulfilling your purpose and living with joy.

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I’m an energetic and engaging speaker and I’d love to speak at your event, conduct media interviews, or contribute to your publication.

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"I can honestly say that Jess walks into a room, she lights it up with authenticity, compassion and empathy. She was well prepared and even had a handout for our guests so that they could walk away with a tangible, practical exercise …. I just wanted to thank her for speaking at our event, for bringing her authentic self … Thanks Jess!"⠀


Joy Foster, Founder, Tech Pixies

How can I help you find what you need?  Contact me for an initial consultation.

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