I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with my clients on their journeys to find power, purpose and joy. They’ve provided these reasons to believe that working with me works!

Jess has been guiding me on an incredibly turbulent journey to completing a project I have been working up to for years. I would never have been confident or brave enough to achieve what I have without her continued encouragement and the often quite alarming goals and deadlines she has set along the way. Jess has helped me to realise the value of the work I do, which has enabled be to prioritise and recognise my worth. I think I would never had reached this point without Jess. Thank you so much for having faith in me, and enabling me to have faith in myself. 

Emma Galvin, Writer


I have run my own business for 10 years and whilst it is successful, I was feeling stuck!  I was ready to take it to the next level, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what that would require of me and what was holding me back.  Add to the mix that I also had a new business venture, sitting on the shelf and waiting for me to push the button: I truly couldn’t see the wood for the trees on any level!

Jessica was recommended to me and whilst I had used a Professional Coach in the past, I couldn’t see that this would help me this time. Wow! How wrong I was! Just one session with Jessica felt like the fog had cleared: I guess it is down to years of professional training on her part but to me it felt like magic! It was like Jessica steered me through a maze and helped me to focus on an end goal I didn’t even realise I had.

Jessica challenges me but doesn’t bully me; she guides me but doesn’t lead me. Every session leaves me re-energised and excited about what I will achieve. Her intuition is second to none and she truly respects whatever place I am in and helps me to grow from there. I am honoured to work with Jessica and know that whatever direction I choose to move in at any time, she has my back and will guide me there, helping me unleash my own potential!

Emma Bowman Smith, Managing Director - XPS Ltd

Working with Jessica is like working with the best version of you, in that she doesn’t create her solutions or give you the answers she thinks you need to hear, she helps you find your own.  She holds your hand (and sometimes kicks your butt) whilst you weave your way through what feel like insurmountable obstacles, in the way of where you want to be.  She helps you gain clarity of thought and a renewed sense of purpose and belief, whilst climbing over those obstacles, drop-kicking some out the way, or maybe taking a slightly different path. Ultimately, I think we all know what the best version of us looks like, but it’s easier and less scary to keep it hidden.  Jessica helps you find the courage to speak that aloud, and actually believe it to be true.

I can’t thank Jessica enough for helping me escape from a soul-destroyingly awful corporate job, and on to a completely new path with passion and purpose.

Karen Astbury, Entrepreneur

“I enjoy working with Jess so much, she has been my coach for the last 6 months and has had such an impact on how I think and feel as a business owner. Jess doesn’t tell me what to do; she works with me to pull out ideas, improve my way of thinking and stretches me in a really positive way, which makes me feel really empowered. And she manages it whether I’m feeling positive at the start of our sessions or not!  I never thought I’d have a coach and didn’t really understand what the point of them was but after working with Jess I’ll always make it a priority, it’s had such a positive effect on my business and me. Thank you Jess."

Sheona McMahon, Sewisfaction

“Working with Jessica has been an absolute joy! When we started to work together, I was overwhelmed with ideas and had no clear direction as to how to achieve my goal. It was like she shone a light on my soul that empowered me to connect with my purpose and move forward without all the chaos and noise that comes with self-doubt. Without her challenge and support, I wouldn’t have the business that I do today. Thank you so much Jessica!”
Gail Lively, Coach

Working with Jess has been incredibly challenging and rewarding… Jess has helped me find my confidence again. She provided me with just the right level of kindness and support, but never letting me off the hook. She challenges you to answers the questions you’d prefer to ignore or put off for another day. I did not initially look for a coach that exclusively worked with women, but when I found Jess, I knew that was what I wanted and what I needed. As women in business we have unique experience and life challenges that only other women can understand. That understanding is what makes working with Jess so beneficial. I can’t recommend working with Jess highly enough...

Louise Webster, The Coffee Consultancy

As a business leader and innovator, what I need most is an objective ally who motivates and supports, but who isn't afraid to challenge and question me. In over 15 years of business I've come to realise that this is a balancing act that very few people have mastered. Jess's coaching is central to my business and personal growth because I completely trust her ability to hold that balance. I leave our sessions feeling a deep sense of calm, determination and assurity, and I often marvel at just how masterfully she got me there, without me even realising.
Renée Watson, Founder - Curiosity Box

Jessica seems to have an innate ability to tune in to the root of what is preventing me from moving forward. At times it can feel uncomfortable to be forced to analyse internal obstacles, but she creates a supportive dialogue, which organically facilitates realisations and solutions in surprising ways.

Lou Hart, Yoga Entrepreneur - Dedham Retreats

“Talking to Jessica was like someone handing me the magic key, it is now up to me! I would recommend Jessica to anyone and actually already have!”

Hayley Southwood, Entrepreneur

Jess has an incredible ability to challenge your beliefs in a productive and meaningful way - a way that allows you to be the version of yourself that you want to be by taking practical steps towards your goals - nothing airy fairy, just highly effective mentoring for women who have high expectations
of themselves and things they
want to achieve personally
and professionally.

Catherine Warrilow, Brand Director

I was introduced to Jess through the TechPixies course. Life coaching was a key element of the course, providing women with new skills, but also recognising that women who have been out of the workplace raising children often also need some emotional support to get back into the workplace. Working with Jess has made a huge difference to me over the past year or so. I wasn't in a great place in my head when we first met. While on the surface everything probably appeared fine,underneath I was really struggling. I'd lost a huge amount of confidence and in many ways, I was really unhappy. I felt like I'd lost 'me'.

Jess gave me the space to talk about how I felt - which I'd not

felt able to do for a very long time. Being able to talk freely can bring up a lot of emotions, and the sessions were tough. Jess helped me to re-frame some of the stories in my head and see them from a new perspective - often from a perspective where I put myself first, not in a selfish way, but in a way that means I'm staying true to my values. I would say that this has been the biggest shift for me this year - truly understanding that sometimes you have to say no to others in order to say yes to yourself... and that that's OK.

As a coach, Jess has challenged me in all the right ways. I know that as a result I've grown in confidence and I feel like I have rediscovered me...a bolder, happier me. Following the sessions, I went on to find a part-time role that I loved, and now, 18 months on I'm about to leave to start my own business. I'm certain that I will continue to check in with Jess as I move forward with my new venture. I'd have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jess to anyone who is willing to be open, to be honest, to be challenged and who is really serious agout working on themselves to make lasting changes.

Elaine Ford, Consultant

I started working with Jessica last year and have learnt so much about myself, really understanding what works for me, my business and my family. She's worked with me to let go of all the things I feel I 'should' be doing and to trust what my heart is telling me. I've had so many powerful light-bulb moments that have helped me move forward. I always look forward to our sessions. I love that Jessica really gets me to think differently and to challenge myself, pushing me gently out of my comfort zone. She also makes me believe that I can do it, whatever it may be - and helps me clear those blocks that inevitably come up. Thank you Jessica.

Nicky Duffell, Registered Nutritional Therapist MBANT & Coach

“When I believed I couldn’t, Jess helped me to see that I could. Her strategies for managing time, and prioritising the demands of family & work – which often seem to pull us in opposite directions – have been such a great help. Thank you Jess for your expert support and guidance.” 

Heidi Evans, Tech Pixie

Jess is a total powerhouse and not to mention complete babe! I went into this process lost, negative and depressed but knowing I needed to do something to change my life around. Knocking on the door of 40 was a complete wake up call and the incentive I needed to do something. When I had a chance meeting with someone who recommended Jess I jumped at the chance. She has given me confidence, knowledge, enthusiasm and belief in myself. If you are considering a life coach – Go For It! You won’t regret it – I promise.  

I worked with Jess for six months during one of the most turbulent years, personally and for the world, that I have ever known. My intention for working with her was to continue my focus on my business development in a way that felt aligned with ME, having recently finished a mastermind programme that had felt very salesy.

The single biggest gift I have taken from our work is finally owning my purpose as a spiritual coach for the corporate world. I’d been holding back from doing the work I really want to do, for fear that it wasn’t credible and no one would want it. Jess helped me put my stake firmly in the ground, and it transformed my message, my brand, and my belief in myself.

Jess is a powerful coach. She hears deeply, and is unafraid of challenging where she perceives something is out of whack. She shared her own experience and perspectives generously, while always allowing my experience to be at the centre of the work.

Victoria Smith-Murphy, Career & Leadership Coach

As a brand new business owner, setting up on my own after coming from a corporate world was daunting and lonely, but Jess encouraged me, gave me confidence in my abilities and shone a light on my strengths. Working with Jess gave me focus and a sounding board in the scary first 6 months of my business, keeping me accountable and thinking strategically. Jess has the perfect combination of strength and emotional support. With her to the point honesty when you need it and the ability to give you wings when you sometime forget how to fly!”
Pam McCrone, MAP Stores