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Clients' words

I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with my clients on their journeys to find power, purpose and joy. They’ve provided these reasons to believe that working with me works!


Elizabeth Cameron – Enterprise Support Lead 
We've been working with Jess since 2020, after we reached out to her with an ask to create and run a bespoke coaching course for entrepreneurially minded women at the university; we have not been disappointed.  
With a huge wealth of knowledge and depth of understanding in the area of coaching and transformation, Jess has been able to consistently deliver a professional, creative and robust programme for us,  flexing and pivoting her delivery style and content according to each cohort's needs without any loss of impact or outcome, and we have seen many participants grow from a place of self-doubt and low confidence in their entrepreneurial self to starting actual enterprises - which of course we are delighted to see happen.   
Her passion is palpable, her skills undoubted and the outcome for us, undeniable. 

Kirsten Robi – Financial Services 

I've had the pleasure of receiving coaching from Jessica for a number of years. Initially, the coaching was centred around my transition into and return from maternity leave. From the outset, she was engaging, friendly and very easy to strike up a rapport with. I found our sessions immensely helpful, with Jessica challenging some of my thought processes and perceptions in the most gracious and enlightening way. I continue to work with her to successfully navigate periods of change and growth in my career with confidence. I would not hesitate in recommending Jessica to anyone. 

Janet Oganah – Project Manager 

I consider myself so lucky to have worked with Jess over the years. Being the solo founder of a diversity-focused business is not easy and Jess supported me, kept me
accountable and enabled me to reach my goals at critical points of the business. When it comes to strategy, I can think of a number of mic-drop moments that led to important shifts in my thinking and solutions as a result.

Whenever I have had to deal with challenging and tricky situations, Jess has masterfully and skillfully worked with me to come up with my own effective solutions, and has challenged me to be bolder and more direct. Jess has always encouraged me to think bigger, set more audacious goals and lean into my values and strengths. I happily recommend her, without hesitation, and I hope we continue to work together for years to come.

Catherine Warrilow, MD, Retail 


Jess has an incredible ability to challenge your beliefs in a productive and meaningful way - a way that allows you to be the version of yourself that you want to be by taking practical steps towards your goals - nothing airy fairy, just highly effective mentoring for women who have high expectations 
of themselves and things they want to achieve personally 
and professionally.

Eliza Anyangwe, Media Executive

Jessica has created the oasis that my often-chaotic mind needs. Her ability to help me order my thoughts and identify what concrete actions are needed next is wonderfully beneficial for a leader who is juggling competing priorities. Despite our sessions being virtual, I'm amazed by how much her presence helps change the energy.

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