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6 apps to boost productivity

Constant connectivity, notifications and DMs can constantly distract us from our workflow. While for many business owners, our phones ARE our office, giving us the flexibility to work from anywhere, they can also stop us from focussing deeply on the task in hand, or stop us from truly ‘switching off’ to recharge. Here are 6 apps that will help you manage your digital time and boost your productivity:

The first app is actually already built in to your iPhone – swipe left from your homescreen to find your ScreenTime report – it will show you how long you’ve spent on your phone each day/week – broken down into Social Networking, Creativity, Emails, Calls etc. As well as how long you’ve spent on each specific app. Great to keep on top of your ‘Zombie Scrolling’ on Instagram and to assess how you are REALLY using your digital time (free).

Dropbox is a cloud-storage service that will not only allow you to access your photos, files and documents from any device, but will allow you to share one picture, or a whole folder with a colleague. Forget waiting for a big file to transfer, simply share via Dropbox and they can pick it up, instantly (free and paid for versions available).

Xero is an accounting app that will speed up all your business admin. From paying employees to sending invoices and keeping a track of expenses. All data is cloud-based, so easy to share with an accountant and even allows you to check your cash-flow in real-time. (monthly fees apply).

Slack is a great tool for team players. To stop long-winded email chains where tasks can get lost, Slack is a real-time messaging and collaborative tool where teams can group chat, direct message, share files and lists. Great for keeping projects focussed and on track (monthly fees apply).

If you’re fed up of losing scraps of paper with important info on them, or lugging around notebooks – Evernote could be for you. Think of it as a digital pad of paper where you can store all your to-do lists, meeting notes, as well as useful website links and images. It syncs across all devices and can be accessed offline, too. Never lose that vital phone number again! (Free. Business version, monthly fees apply).

Another app that many business owners underuse is the Voice Memo app, in-built into most smartphone. Whether you’re on the go and don’t have a pen or paper to hand, or it’s 3am and you need to capture a ‘lightbulb’ idea, Voice memos are a great, quick way to capture your best ideas (free).

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