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3 Things that Helped Me Get from There to Here

Updated: May 25, 2018

We all have stories we could share about where we used to be and where we are now. We also have ideas, dreams and longings about where we want to go.

This is a little peek into my own story of where I was, where I am now, and what I most long for in this world.


My ‘There’ was 10 years in corporate marketing that filled my bank account but left me feeling empty around my deeper purpose. Then, I became a mum and those first few years were really, really hard. But once I got my footing I had the clearest view I had ever had. All of a sudden, I could SEE. I could see people without a voice, people caught in systems seemingly out of their control, a place where I’d felt I was. I could see that my deeper purpose was to be in service of those who also felt stuck in work that lacked meaning and purpose. I felt called to help others see what was truly possible for them in their work and life.


In 2009 I became a certified coach and started my business with a desire to help people feel more fulfilled in their work. I have a view that fulfilled people do work that matters which in turn makes the world a better place.

Note: I said fulfilled not happy. We all want to be happy right?! However, the term happy can give the impression that all is great in your world and there are no challenges, I feel that the word happy can be overused and does not portray the depth of how you feel when you are grounded, living in your purpose, strong and fulfilled.

3 Things that helped me get from There to Here:

Once I knew the difference I wanted to make, I set about equipping myself with all of the tools to enable me to make it happen.

1. Smart, Positive People: I surrounded myself with people I admired, who I could learn from and who had a real positive energy.

Who inspires you?

Who has some inside knowledge?

Who can you ask for help?

2. Clear, Bite-Sized Goals: I made a plan, set clear, tangible goals and became focused on taking action almost daily.

Who do you want your work to help?

What do you want to know for sure in the next 12 months?

What would you do TODAY if you were guaranteed success?

3. Know Thyself: I prioritised my own self-development like understanding my strengths; weaknesses, underlying motivations, what triggers my self-doubt and what strategies help me stay focused.

What are your strengths?

What knowledge are you yet to gain?

What are you afraid of?

Where I’m Going

I want all of the work I do to enable women and the most vulnerable to grow and thrive in business and in life on their own terms. I want my work to provide the environment for people to find their voice and in turn recognise their power and the impact they want to make in the world. My mission is that everything I do will enable those who work with me to acknowledge their unique value in the world and for this to translate in the work that they do so they can live a truly fulfilled life that they love.

Join us:

If you’re ready to surround yourself with smart, positive people, set your next important goals and create some accountability that will move you from Here to There please join us at the first WONDERFUL ONE DAY,. I look forward to meeting you!

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