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  • Are you stuck in a rut, not sure of your next move? 

  • Have you received feedback you don’t how to act on? 

  • Are you looking for ways to develop your leadership voice so you can lead your team more effectively? 

  • Do you want to make more of a difference but are unsure how to move forward with your intentions? 

  • Is it time to get clear on where you stand and want to be known for? 

I can help you: 

  • Find the North Star that helps you navigate your career and life. 

  • Define the work-life integration you want and take action to achieve it. 

  • Identify your purpose, priorities and values to make more aligned decisions. 

  • Find your voice and use it. 

  • Develop practical strategies for leading individuals and teams. 

  • Define your brand so you can show up authentically and consistently to secure rewarding positions and projects. 

My approach: 
We co-create the safe space to explore possibilities. I will support you and challenge you, celebrate with you and commiserate with you but above all else help you move forward in a way that works for you and elevates you to show up boldly. I’ve been described as a ‘voice of reason’ residing on the shoulders of my clients. Using proven tools and techniques you’ll be able to  navigate your career and day-to-day dilemmas in a way that works for you, Using practical strategies you’ll be able to  elevate your presentations, hold challenging conversations and solve real life issues. 
If you are considering coaching for yourself, we will have an initial consultation and then jointly agree on your length of coaching programme, typically 6-9 months. 
If you’re a leader, L&D or HR professional considering coaching for your talent, let’s talk.


  • Are you an Learning & Development professional looking for effective ways to support your talent? 

  • Do you need practical tools to support your people at work? 

  • Are you a professional association looking to elevate or accelerate your career success?

I have worked with numerous organisations in the Professional Services, Retail, Higher Education and Public Sectors, developing bespoke programmes to develop, progress, support and equip their leaders and emerging leaders to shine. I’ve had significant impact on leaders with unconventional backgrounds and training, supporting them to secure their voice and value, take their seat at the table, and make a sustainably positive difference. 
Let’s chat.



Provide your team or group with practical and actionable tools they’ll be able to use, benefit from and see the impact of straightaway. During our (typically) 90 minutes together, I will provide background research around a topic, share practical tips and strategies, create an immersive and interactive environment for learning and it will be fun! 
Topics like:

  • Building Confidence 

  • Leadership Presence 

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 

  • Tapping into Differences 

  • Personal Branding 

  • Work & Life Balance, Boundaries and Resilience 

Let's talk.



We can work beautifully together, even when we don’t all start from the same place. I happily share research, insights, tools and inspiration about cultures of belonging, leadership, and finding and voicing personal power for press, panels, podcasts, tv & radio.


Download Media Kit for further information.

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