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Finding some light in the fog of busyness

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Increasingly I am hearing how busy my clients are, particularly at this time of year. The year is in full swing and I am seeing collaborations, projects developing and some are even starting to think about Autumn/Winter promotions and dare I say it Christmas!

No matter how busy you are and how foggy you may feel, there is ‘light’ to be found and here are some tips to find it:


It can feel like everything needs to be done at once and the truth is it doesn’t. Use the Stephen Covey Quadrant – a useful tool to help you prioritise tasks into important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important and not important or urgent. Taking a few minutes to prioritise each day will help you decide more easily what needs to be done and what can wait.

One task at a time

Focussing on one task at a time is simple yet so effective. Turn off distractions such as emails, your phone and social media and spend concentrated time on each task, keep going until it’s done. If necessary schedule breaks but do not deviate until that one task is checked off your list.

A phrase coined by author Brian Tracy in his book of the same name, the idea is to do the most difficult task first and the rest will feel easy.

Set realistic timescales

Don’t put yourself under undue pressure. Be realistic about what you can achieve, how and by when. Manage expectations, your own and those you are accountable to.


Do you have to do everything yourself or is there help you can enlist? This need not be a long-term solution, but a short-term solution to get you through the busy period. Be clear about your expectations and have agreed targets and outcomes. This will help to free you up to do what you enjoy and what you are good at, and, it means you have expertise on hand that will probably do tasks in a more efficient way. It also takes the pressure off!

Get support at home

As you delegate at work, look at ways you can so the same at home. Are you adequately sharing household responsibilities? Not just the tasks that need physical attention but also those that take up ‘head space’ – house admin. Get some short-term (and long term help) this will lighten your load and make a measureable difference.

Look after yourself

Drink water, get fresh air, get sleep, take breaks. Always MAKE time for your well being. It will make you happier and more productive. Burnout will not lead to results, healthiness will.

What other tips can you share that help you in periods of busyness; I’d love to hear.

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