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Motivate your morning - 5 tips to start the day in the right way!

Whether you're an early bird or a late riser - the way you structure your mornings will set the tone for the rest of your day. How and what you do first thing will differ hugely depending on your commitments - your family, work schedule - but here are some tips and resources that I want to share to support you to find your most productive morning routine:

Start the night before

The difference between a rushed, stressed morning routine and one that goes smoothly is largely down to the groundwork you did the night before. Whether that's hanging your outfit up ready to simply slip on, making a packed lunch, laying out the breakfast things... anything you can do to speed things up the next morning will help you feel in control and get your day off on the right foot.

Sound the alarm

It may sound silly - but how you physically wake up matters. Try and set a regular wake up time (and bedtime!) that you can stick too - this really helps your body clock find a rhythm and you will find getting up easier. Even things like the sound of your alarm - is it a klaxon or the radio? Being grumpy because you've been woken up in an irritating way sets a negative tone for the day ahead.

Gain an hour For some, it's not worth the loss of valuable sleep, but for others getting up an hour earlier gains them a valuable chunk of time before the household wakes and their day starts. Use that time to get ahead with emails, catch up on the news, meditate, do some exercise... whatever works for you. Gaining that extra hour to feel like you've achieved something 'for you' is a real boost.

Fuel up

It's proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - research some quick, easy breakfast ideas for the working week and make it a leisurely affair at weekend. Overnight oats, omelettes and smoothies are all quick and easy ideas that will ensure that you are fuelled up, ready to face the day.

Morning mantra

Starting the day with an affirmation is a great habit to get into as it really helps you focus your productivity for the day and stops you getting overwhelmed. Say it outloud in the shower, or as you leave the front door - it might be a goal you set yourself, a mindset that you want to get into for the day or a habit change you want to make.

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