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Set Your Goals

Are you clear about what you want to achieve in your life in the next 1, 3, 5 years? Do you know why you do the work you do? Do you have a clear idea of how you want your life to look? If you answered a clear resounding yes to those questions, great! If you’re not 100% sure take some time to think and set some clear goals.

Why is it important to set goals?

To have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and to help you take purposeful action

When you set off on a journey you usually know where you are heading, you plan a route to follow

and you know when you arrive. When you set clear goals for your life your route map is theactions you take to achieve those goals.

To gain clarity and focus

We all have dreams and aspirations and think about what we want to have in our lives be it material, emotional or spiritual. Setting specific goals for the different areas of your life helps you to pin point the changes or additions you’d like to bring and from here you can purposefully plan what you need to do to make that happen.

To know when you have accomplished things

When you have clear goals you can acknowledge and celebrate your achievements this has

benefits for your motivation in life and sense of well-being.

To know Why

Having clear goals gives you a sense of purpose –a reason to jump out of bed each day.

5 tips to guarantee goal success

1. Write them down

Having your goals written down gives you a clear point of reference. Write them down and put them where you will see them each day.

2. Share them

Tell someone what it is you want to achieve and by when, ask them to hold you accountable. By sharing your goals, you are making a declaration to yours lf and to others about how you want to move forward in your life, and having that accountability helps to keep you on track.

3. Make them S.M.A.R.T

Specific - clear and concise

Measurable – so you know when you have achieved them

Accountable –get support to help keep you on track

Resonant – so they matter to you and the life you want

Thrilling – a reason to jump out of bed each day!

4. Keep them close at hand use them when you are planning your day

When you’re planning your ‘to-do’ list or diary think which activities take you closer to achieving your goals. This can make saying ‘no’ and ‘yes’ much easier.

5. Celebrate your successes

Take time to acknowledge each step you take to achieve your goals and don’t forget to reward yourself when you achieve them.

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