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Online independent magazines to shake up your digital reading

In times where our digital media consumption is higher than normal, independent magazines are a corner of the internet where stories with fresh perspectives are shared, bringing light to what can sometimes feel like a negative space. I've curated five magazines for you to peruse that will broaden, and hopefully brighten, your online reading, away from the mainstream news.

To start off on the most uplifting magazine, Positive News tackles the doom and gloom of every day news and describes itself as "magazine for good journalism about the good things that are happening in the world". With a focus on 'constructive journalism’, Positive News doesn't just share the facts on what's new but also ponders progress, possibility, and solutions.

A weekly article that's a guaranteed source of positivity is their, "What went right this week: a round-up of the latest good news stories". Here's last week's post for uplifting events you may have missed! You can also sign up for their newsletter which sends weekly stories to brighten up your inbox.

Oh is a mindfulness magazine with a fresh perspective. Their approach to content on the topic of mindfulness is completely unique, with a focus on noticing the magic of good things that are woven into our every day lives in the most ordinary ways.

Most recently, Oh have been curating a Daily Dose series where they take you through an alphabet of simple and down-to-earth self-care practices. They're all quick, easy and aim to help lift your mood whenever you need it. 

Gal-dem is an online magazine ‘committed to sharing perspectives from women and non-binary people of colour’. It gives measured and balanced debate as well as creating new ways of thinking whilst showcasing the work of young women of colour and non-binary people of colour. It covers everything from personal reflections, to politics, culture, music and everything in between. A great read for some insight and perspective on current issues.

If like me you've enjoyed the BBC series ‘I may destroy you’ starring Michaela Cole, the articles exploring the themes highlighted in the show give some great insights and perspectives and are definitely worth a look.

Image from Credit Illustration: Naomi Gennery

Lacuna Voices' motto is Real Voices. Real Issues. And this sums up their content quite nicely. The magazine was created to bridge the gap they noticed in the mainstream media for topics that matter to so many people but are rarely given the editorial space they deserve. Lacuna Voices are also against click-baiting and sensationalism so what you're left with are authentic, unique stories you probably won't read elsewhere.

Spanning the topics of family, health, careers and the world beyond our doorstep, there's plenty of new topics to explore, and I'd recommend "Women of Steel" as a first read, a fantastic article telling the story of young Sheffield women who came together to help win the war for Britain.

Anyone with an interest in easy ethical and conscious living should make Pebble magazine their source for all news and articles on the topic. Aware that even mentioning the word "sustainable" can make a reader instantly switch off, Pebble actively avoids the word to encourage more people to live ethically without it feeling like a chore.

Pebble is a source for feel-good articles and news on everything from ethical fashion to conscious brands under the categories of eating and drinking, living, doing and travelling.

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