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My BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Earlier this month I completed my 3rd HYROX in 12 months. HYROX is the ‘world series of fitness racing’ In May 2023 when I mentioned to my trainer that I wanted to take part she was kind and encouraging and warned me I would do it but I would be the fittest I’ve ever been! She was not wrong. And, here I am and I’ve completed 3 in 1 year, I was apprehensive before the 1st and excited and energised by the 3rd!

When I thought of doing HYROX it wasn’t really a conscious ‘goal’ but once we got started I realised that it gave me some purpose to my training and also an ‘end point’ to celebrate, or so I thought. What actually happened was that I hit a series of milestones with each phase of training for each HYROX and, I got to celebrate each one along the way.

I’ve heard a few times recently from coaching clients that they don’t like to set goals as they worry about not achieving them and I encourage them to set intentions and focus on what they are learning and to celebrate themselves regularly. I’ve also heard from clients who feel that setting goals and visualising is their tried and tested route to success, I say whatever gets you motivated and moving is the way to go, for me having a BIG goal is a motivator and the steps and celebrations along the way are the fuel.

So what have I learnt?


Set your intention but break it down into steps you can take each day / week to achieve it – I had a programme

Accountability is key – I had my trainer and my family cheering me on, and giving me a ‘kick’ when I lacked motivation to train

Focus on YOUR journey – l found myself reading many training stories and found doing that made it easy to get sidetracked or caught up in comparison which is damaging and derailing

Accept the lows and use the highs to counter them – training was hard but the gains in fitness and strength were better and I took time to celebrate those

Give yourself grace – there was a lot of missed training and dubious food choices but accepting that’s ok and part of being human meant I carried on focussing on what was coming rather than lamenting on what I had already done (or not!)

Face your fears you may just surprise yourself


What’s next?

Well, another double may be on the horizon, maybe an international one but I may have set myself a personal goal to do one on my own before I’m 50 – less than 2 years and counting and I’ve put it out there now so I’ve got to do it!


What’s your BHAG?  Go on give it a go!


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