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Finding our new normal as we live with the effects of Covid-19

I’m usually quite resilient but this week has taken the wind out of my sails. I’ve retreated and leaned into the feeling and it’s done me some good and I feel like I’ve come out the other side ready for action

Here are some ways I am going to be with my new normal:

1. Planning - I am going to write things down, plan with the family and consciously create some calm space at home.

2. Take one day at a time. This is tricky one for me as I like to know what’s happening weeks in advance. I will be present and celebrate the little things.

3. Switch the constant newsfeed off - what you consume dictates your mood and mental well being. I’m going to switch off the alerts and listen to the news once a day.

4. Food - Le'Nise @eatlovemove has some great tips for choosing the right food for physical and mental well being

5. Move - Joe Wicks @thebodycoach is starting a series of daily workouts suitable for kids and adults, check these out with the kids as well as getting out in the fresh air every day - whatever the weather. A health visitor said to me years ago “there’s no such thing as the wrong weather to get out and about just the wrong clothes…!”

6. Connect with your community on and off line and although you may not be able to meet up make an effort to spend time with people you can have a proper belly laugh with every day. People who crack you up! Speak to them!

7. Remember to breath, when things feel tough stop and breath - simple yet effective

8. And finally, stay hopeful - we can do this and this time will pass.

Get in touch if you have any more tips to share and if you'd like to watch more of my videos, or receive weekly tips, practices and my recommendations on books, podcasts and inspiring women - you can sign up to the Weekly Boost newsletter - delivered to your inbox every Monday morning, 7am.

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