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6 tips to finding your true voice

We often water-down or find ourselves filtering what we say to 'fit in' or conform. Stop. Consider these 6 tips to ensuring that you are being unapologetically you - honest, aligned with your values, experiences and watch the power your 'true voice' evokes :

1. Tell your story – your story is what makes you unique, no one else will have the same story to share and it is what will draw people to you and the work that you do. There is no competition with your story, it’s yours, own it and tell it.

2. Ditch the fear – by speaking up and using your voice you can and will inspire others to do the same, your courage will encourage courage in others and you make the biggest difference. Be proud to use your voice to make a difference. And remember, your courage leaves a lasting legacy for others to learn from.

3. Ditch the judgement – don’t judge yourself or worry about the judgement of others. Judgement is a huge saboteur that hampers progress; don’t hamper yourself or let the perceived opinions of others hamper you. What others are thinking is their business not yours. Your business is what you are doing and the way you are using your voice.

4. Find your allies – those with whom you can share your successes (and struggles) and those who will support you and celebrate with you. Those who will help you amplify your voice to places you may not have thought of, or, in places you might otherwise not have had access.

5. Write it down - share your point of view and keep it true to you and your knowledge and experience. Putting your pen to paper can often help you find clarity in what it is you want to stay and what you stand for.

6. Broadcast your message - podcasts or speaking opportunities are a great medium to show people what you’re about and engage them in you and your journey. Use them as a way to demonstrate your unique expertise and perspective. Don't be shy, if you are talking about something you are passionate about and that resonates with your audience you will be captivating.

Being authentic will radiate more pure energy than trying to be an ideal you - unknown
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