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The Be Mogul Awards... I won!

Last week I won a Be Mogul award and I couldn't be more delighted.

The Be Mogul Award is sponsored by Natwest and recognises the ‘most influential and inspirational black business owners in Britain today…’

I was honored to be recognised this way.

I work with female entrepreneurs, executives and young people with the main aim of helping them to effectively use their voice to get what they want in life and to be where they want to be.

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds and the common theme for them all is that they are doing work that matters and making a difference in the world in their own unique way. I work as the amplifier for their voices, we navigate what exactly they want to say, who they want to say it to and the difference they want to make, then, they make it happen.

When I work with young people, my mission is to help them see that regardless of their upbringing or background they can enter new territories and breakdown real and perceived barriers to be seen and heard.

I love my work and being recognised for using my voice and doing what I love is a true honour.

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