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Ambition - use it as a force for good

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Ambition is given a bad rap. Ambitious women have been described as pushy or bossy and whilst we are calling out how unproductive this is, there is still some taboo around being an ambitious woman.

I read a Twitter thread recently where the writer spoke about her disdain for women being described as ‘unapologetically bold’ as though women needed to apologise for being anything other than bold and forthright. The same can be seen when women are described as ambitious.

Having ambition is crucial to your success as it drives you to accomplish great things. Ambition does not need to be corrosive, as with success it is defined by and controlled by you. And, when channeled in a way that is true to you you will reap its rewards:

Ambition means you dream big, by developing a grand vision for yourself and the impact that you want to have in the world you are motivated to grow yourself and to grow others.

Ambition drives your personal growth and development, when you want to be your best version of yourself you do more to make this happen; in turn you experience more, learn more and give more, too.

Ambition means you have clear goals and you are motivated to achieve them. When you are ambitious and committed to your personal growth and development you have your reason for moving forward and you are able to clearly define what you want to achieve, when and how. You also have a sense of excitement about what is possible for you.

Ambition helps you to be clear and uncompromising on your values as you are more determined to accomplish what you want with your life and your business. With this determination you are clearer on what does AND what doesn’t serve you and it’s easier to say ‘no’ and ‘yes’ in service of this.

Ambition drives your purpose, when you are clear about the legacy you want to leave in the world it takes ambition for you to make it happen. It’s your ambition that will get you over any hurdles and give you the courage to put yourself forward and celebrate your achievements.

You can read more about ambition and find some useful tools and recommendations to help you in your business in my Be Ambitious Business Boost available now.

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