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6 Keys to Finding Your Joy

“I just want to be happy…” are words I hear a lot and I often ask what does that look like?

Happiness looks different to different people, there is no universal definition that can describe what it is, it’s a feeling, an individual emotion. I like to go a bit beyond happy and strive to find true joy, for me it’s a feeling I get deep down inside that makes me smile broadly and makes my eyes shine – what is your joy and, how can you unlock it?

Here are my 6 tips to finding your daily JOY:

“ Joy is in the simple moments" Lee Horbachewski

Stay true to you

When you’re being the truest most authentic, unapologetic version of yourself that’s when you’re truly living. You don’t need to question or doubt your intentions or actions because they come from an honest place. So, take away the self-doubt and judgement and just be you. And if you’re lost and wondering what that really means listen to your gut, that initial thought or feeling that you get, the one you choose to ignore in favour of what you ‘should’ do, or, how you’re ‘expected’ to be. Listen and trust that gut feeling, it’s your intuition, the true you.

Never give your power away

You always have a choice to be and do what feels right or, to be and do what you think is expected of you. You have no control over what others want or how others will react and the moment you make that your priority is the moment you relinquish your power. Always choose the path that reflects how you want to show up in the world and everything else will fall into its place.

Make time for yourself

In a world of ‘busy’ always make time for yourself – this is self-care x 10 - this is about making space in your mind for stillness and reflection. When you allow your mind to be still you are feeding your spirit. Meditate, keep a journal, give yourself permission to stop and reflect on all that’s going well and on what you want to do differently, it’s in these moments that you can truly appreciate yourself and find your joy.

Surround yourself with the right energy for the right time

Seek out and nurture your soul mates, those who will celebrate with you when things go to plan, will commiserate with you when they don’t. Those who will lift you up when you’re down and who will know when to just be quiet. Find joy in those connections.

Practice gratitude

The simple daily practice of gratitude keeps your blessings at the front of your mind. Create a gratitude box and each day write down 3 things you are grateful for and store it in your box. If you're having a tough day, or week, you will have a reservoir of 'fist-pump moments' to draw about to boost your mood.

Stay in the moment and enjoy the little things

Your first coffee of the day, a cuddle from your partner, watching your favourite TV show, THAT song from a really happy time, whatever it is that makes you smile inside slow down and enjoy it!

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