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5 apps to improve your wellbeing

Stress? Demotivated? Insomnia? These handy apps can sit in your pocket and give you the support you need to improve your self-care and wellbeing. Whilst we often bemoan our excessive screen time and digital lives, apps can be useful tools in helping you access bite-sizes wellbeing and health content which you might not otherwise find the time for. Wellbeing is a catch-all for any investment you make into your personal mental or physical health - by its nature, it will look and feel different for everyone, here are just a few ideas that will give you access to proven wellbeing techniques at the touch of a button...

First up, the app I turn to most when it comes to my own 'self-care' - Audible. If I had to rely on a traditional paperback, I wouldn't consume half the books that I do without the audiobook app, Audible. In the car, on a run, in my office... they help inspire me and give me that sense of escapism that a good book offers, too.

Clementine is an app, founded by Kim Palmer - winner of 'Women of Tomorrow' award, designed for women with sessions on confidence, sleep and anxiety. Using the power of hypnosis in an approachable way (no weird mumbo jumbo or clicking fingers!) - it provides women with 'mantras' or affirmations to help them retrain their thought patterns around common issues - worth tuning in when the negative mist descends...

I love how the Headspace app from Andy Puddicombe has helped make mental health and meditation more accessible to the masses - from sleep to stress, they're great bite-size sessions to plug-in to and help you switch off. In three, five or 10-min chunks - they focus on breathing and 'body scanning' to check-in with your how you're really feeling.

The Calm app has been recommended to me by so many people - I felt the need to share the tip! For less than £3/month you get access to a whole host of audio - designed to help calm the mind. Whether you need guided meditations to relieve stress, bedtime stories read by the likes of Stephen Fry and Matthew Mcconaughey or simply some White Noise from nature to help you drift off. There are kids' audiobooks and music to quieten the mind, too.

My Gratitude Journal is a great alternative to a pad and pen 'Gratitude Diary' if you are more of a visual person. Capture snapshots of your day into your secure online space to remind you of moments to be grateful for - a much needed early night, hot cup of tea in peace or a work milestone. You can add notes to each entry and download your diary as a PDF if you want to keep an offline record of your thankful memories.

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