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Welcome to The Business Boost - a business toolkit I have created after nearly a decade of coaching entrepreneurs and understanding the common areas that need support in their businesses, whatever their industry.


'Be Ambitious' is all about how to approach business growth fearlessly;  'Be Accountable' is about how to tackle the challenges around working alone and how to build an effective support network; 'Be You' is for those who need help identifying what makes their skillset and experience unique, and how to harness that for business success; 'Be Bold' puts a spotlight on your fears and helps you ask, 'What's holding me back?'; finally 'Be Present' gives all the tips and strategies to combat procrastination and to set clear goals in business.

You can pick and mix, choosing the modules that resonate with you and your needs, or purchase the whole Business Boost Programme to get 360-support in your work.

“ The Business Boost modules are simple, direct and yet tackle the key issues for growth and having the self confidence to do so. I think they are genius!” 


Emma, XPS Ltd.


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